Sponsors and Supporters

New for Spring 2018 is this Sponsors and Supporters section where we honor those who generously make a contribution to help maintain The Coupe Group. We have always been a free resource for enthusiasts and in order to remain so, we are asking for your kind assistance in maintaining this website, our Facebook page, and Instagram. All Sponsors and Supporters will remain listed for one full year. Listings will be posted here starting May 1st, 2018. We will contact each donor to obtain the information as you would like it listed, but you are welcome to remain anonymous should you prefer to make a donation with no listing. 

Presenting Sponsor  A donation of $1,000 USD will secure one entity a Presenting Sponsor title, including their company name, contact information, logo, and website link on The Coupe Group Website (listed prominently on the front page and at the top of this page), Facebook page (listed in the "About" section, and a post including Business info), and Instagram (a post including Business info). 

Business Sponsors are those businesses who donate $250 USD or more. Each business receives a listing on this page that includes their company name with a link to their business website. 

Individual Sponsors are those individuals who donate $250 USD or more. Each individual receives a listing on this page that includes their name with a link to their chosen personal website. (Websites may include personal pages such as Facebook, Instagram, or hobby level work such as artists, woodworkers, athletes, travel blogs, etc.)

Supporters are those businesses and individuals who donate any amount in excess of $50 USD. Each Supporter will receive a listing of their name or business name on this page. 

Make your donation below, which will process your donation via a secure PayPal link. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation, you will be able to process the donation with your credit card. Contact Us with any questions! Thank you!

*All sponsors who attain listings beyond supporter level will require approval before publication to ensure your listing meets our professional and ethical standards. As an example, we will not accept sponsorships from tobacco companies, drug companies, illegal activities, hate speech, etc. This is at our sole discretion and if you do not qualify for inclusion, your donation will be returned in full.