Period Crash test photos, click to enlarge.

(Photos by Daimler archive & Mike Spicer.)

Skid Plates
These protective undercarriage plates were offered as an option for "rough road" markets where the cars were sold. Examples of this may include Africa, Australia and some parts of South America with a few being ordered by American buyers but in lesser quantities.
Photo below shows undercarriage skid plate as found on a 6.3 sedan, but is illustrative of the Mercedes design.

(Photo by Mike Spicer.)

Luggage Sets
Looking to add a set of original Hepco luggage? Here is a factory photo of what a complete set would have looked like.

(Image courtesy Tom Hanson at Mercedes-Benz Classic Center/Daimler archives.)


Safari Seats
Safari seats (also known as "Sport Seats" or "Individual Seats") were offered but rarely chosen and today are relatively scarce. We know of one full set for sale but they generally do not come available. The front seats are also unique "sport seats" in these cars to create a matching set.

Factory optional equipment included Safari Seats, Luggage Set, Skid Plates and more. Dealer options included CocoMats.

Options, colors and safety.