1:43 scale, plastic (not resin), various colors and configurations. Nice castings and detail but overall fragile and low quality.

Matchbox 220se
Came in maroon w/ white interior. (#53)

Models & Toys

1:43 scale, came in white w/ red interior. (#315)

Solido 220se
Came in blue & red. Note the box depicts a cabriolet but the model was a hard top. (#126)

A few companies made toys and models of the W111 in-era and a couple more have taken up the opportunity in recent years. Here are a few, please let us know if we missed any!


Corgi 220se
Approximately 1:43 scale, made in 1961 and comes with a spare tire in the trunk. Later, black version also came with stowed luggage. Came in White, maroon, dark blue and black. (#253)