Here we will address common questions and offer trivia about our cars. Have a question you'd like answered here? Let us know.

Q:  What is the car used in the movie The Hangover?
A:  The car depicted in the film was a 1965 220se Cabriolet. Research suggests that 4 cars were built and used for filming as there were different requirements for each. One car, the "Hero Car", was used for closeups and scenes where the main actors interacted inside the vehicle. Another of the close-up cars was a 1969 280se. Other scenes utilized coupes that were customized into cabriolets by Cinema Vehicle Services, whom we have personally had the pleasure of dealing with in the past. Here's an article about the company offering 61 of their picture cars at an auction in 2010.

Q:  How are these cars as daily drivers in modern traffic?
A:  This begs replies that will vary greatly with individual experiences, but overall these are still quite capable cars and the later, more powerful versions, can easily maintain flow of traffic. While we promote and encourage driving these cars, some considerations may include the cost of maintenance when you consider adding higher mileages to cars that likely have worn components and can suffer unexpected failure without notice. Plan to have a good roadside service plan that includes flatbed service, spares of vital items like spark plugs, points, rotors, oil, trans fluid, etc., for small roadside repairs. Early cars had drums on the rear wheels so stopping takes slightly longer. Many came fitted with A/C as an aftermarket, dealer supplied option. The lack of modern electronics and buttons covering the dash can actually lend itself to a more enjoyable, focused and relaxing drive than many modern cars where you find yourself constantly adjusting one thing or another.

Q:  How difficult is it to find parts?
A:  These cars are over 50-years old in some cases by now but still, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center stocks many bits for the continued operation, maintenance, repair and restoration of our cars. Otherwise, there is a wide variety of suppliers who carry used and some NOS parts, with your best bets here being to search on eBay, the vintage MB Forums, and even posting your request on our Facebook page.